Wedding Tips

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  1. Write your own vows. No please don’t see this as another “task” to add to your never ending list of things to do. What’s better then your own vows that you wrote that has your heart and soul poured into it?
  2. Secure all necessary permits where the photographers and videographers will shoot. Videographers and photographers need permission to shoot in most places. Telling them it’s for your wedding usually doesnJt work out so be prepared and receive all permits, It’s better to be safe then to be sorry later on.
  3. Clear out everybody behind the Bride when she enters the church, no coordinators, couturiers, security guards, chaffeurs, kids etc. We want that moment to be clutter free and full of emotion- Heck, it’s a once in a lifetime moment!
  4. Walk slowly. Very slowly down the aisle. We want to capture every single moment to count. If everyone walks fast down the aisle it feels as if everything is being rushed. Everyone should take a deep breathe and just enjoy the moment.
  5. Ask the music ensemble at the church NOT to play anything during the vows and rings exchange. Not only will this make the rites more solemn but it will also lend us greater flexibility in editing the footage fie- no classical music or an instrumental annoyingly mixing with your choice of background music later on). Make them cry because of the moment.
  6. Allow us to light the reception venue. A compromise can always be arrived to preserve the ambience and to adequately see whoever’s on stage.Always remember that what looks good to the eye might not look good on camera. Always ask for advice or suggestions when you’re meeting with your videographef or photographer
  7. Have a first/last dance. It looks great on pictures and video. Dent be too conscious of the people around you or our cameras. Just look deep into each others eyes and think of how much you love each other and how great your lives will be together.
  8. If you have a presentation during your reception, please RENT an HD projector from a professional It really doesn’t cost that much more. And you are saved from the hassle of setting up the equipment, figuring which cable end goes where, getting disappointed because the resolution and projection quality is poor. Rent, rent renti Don’t borrow from the office nor bring your personal one. You never know when those expensive bulbs will blow out. If you need advice on which equipment to rent always ask your videographer (if their providing something to play) or your wedding coordinator.
  9. When you are starting to get ready always tell your makeup artist to setup where there is a maximum amount of natural light. Artificial light is good but nothing can beat natural light. Your natural skin tone looks so much better under natural light!
  10. Turn off all music when you are getting ready. We understand that music adds a certain vibe during the getting ready but when music is blasting through the speakers our sensitive mics can’t pick up the conversations that are going on inside the room. Evefything and anything during the wedding day is an opportunity to pick up great audio to use in your feature film or your highlight films. If there is music blasting we wont be able to use the audio during the getting ready portion of your day_

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