High atop the Los Angeles Skyline Stephanie and Rusty tied the knot and welcomed a new beginning together. The stage was definitely set for an amazing wedding. The venue (AT&T Building) was beautiful, the people were gathered and the clouds were dramatic.

Both, Stephanie and Rusty knew what they wanted and knew that being with each other will bring everything together. Their vows were touching and the people surrounding them were those that cared for them the most. Everything was absolutely amazing! Oh, and did we mention that Rusty is a two time Bronze medalist at the Olympics (Turin and Salt Lake) as a short track speed skater?

Stephanie and Rusty, Congrats from Cloud 9 Cinematography and we wish for nothing but the best for you guys!!!

Stephanie and Rusty Ingredients;

Cinematography : Cloud 9 Cinematography
Photographer : Gabriel Ryan
Wedding Coordinator : Jemie Sae Koo
Cake Artist : Rossmoor Bakery
DJ : SoCal DJ
Makeup Artist : Theresa Huang
Venue : AT&T Building

Music Licensed from : Songfreedom.com

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