Sierra + Max SDE -Hilton Hotel/Palladio Banquet Hall Glendale

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Sierra & Max’s wedding was my 12th SDE, ever since I’ve started my business. As usual for wedding date, this couple also seemed to be nervous.I was very challenged to impress those of who came to the wedding to celebrate and Sierra & Max.

I arrived to the wedding place a little earlier than actual appointed time. Luke (who is skilled using the glide cam and very creative) started to take time-lapse shots and James (who never gets tired of recording and editing SDE for million hours) put a white dress on a mannequin to record a creative scene. I went upstairs after recording the hotel lobby as a background. Fragrance of flowers filled the bride’s room nicely, and there was giggling and chatting of excitement for the wedding.

Sierra + Max Same Day Edit from Cloud 9 Cinematography on Vimeo.


Sierra was a beautiful bride and I was very thankful for her to follow all the instruction and tips of cloud9 for recording. To be honest, I’m always struggling with lighting, because the setting of the lighting of makeup artists and cinematographers are different. However, makeup artists also thankfuly followed all instruction for a scene which the main makeup artist puts makeups on bride’s face and the sun light beams through the window and them. Makeup artists were beautiful but I could see the true beauty of them, when they followed my insturction.
After completing bride makeups, I started to edit the videos. While I was busy with editing, reception started after ceremony on the other side. Meanwhile, I went around churches, Pasadena city hall, and Glendale for SDE. I could finally finish everything by 9pm, and thanked to God with a gratitude heart.
When I played SDE, literally everyone who came to the wedding and groom & bride yelled out of joyful and excitement noise! Of course kinds seemed to be very confused why the video is playing on the day of the wedding. However, I was very happy to see groom and bride surprising at what there were watching.
I do want to speak the truth that making SDE is not an easy process! However, it gets all of my tiredness and stresses off of the day, when I see how the couple amazed at my SDE video!

Cinematography : Cloud 9 Cinematography

Coordinator:  Mary prelate from Epoch Vintage
Photographer: Robert Paetz Photography
Makeup Artist: Veronica Werner
DJ and/or Band: Crisp Music Group
Venue: Palladio Banquet HallScreenshot 2015-06-25 16.53.39 Screenshot 2015-06-25 16.53.02 Screenshot 2015-06-25 16.53.58 Screenshot 2015-06-25 16.54.39 Screenshot 2015-06-25 18.29.23 Screenshot 2015-06-25 18.33.41 Screenshot 2015-06-25 16.55.32 Screenshot 2015-06-25 16.56.45

Sierra + Max Live view. from Cloud 9 Cinematography on Vimeo.

Music Licensed from: Songfreedom.com and/or themusicbed.com


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