Sharon and Jeff hold a special block in our memories.  These two are the loving couple everyone wants in their lives.  These two hold a love that isn’t easily attainable.  When these two came to us they had one thing in mind, create a beautiful and memorable wedding film that will hold the essence of who they are and what they’ve come to achieve together thus far.  Not a easy task for sure but Sharon and Jeff had everything planned out so perfectly that all the pieces of the film puzzle came together on its own!

There are a few rules to abide by and these two followed every single one of them!

Rule #1: Location, Location, Location

Sharon and Jeff chose St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA.  Hugging the California coastline while being one of few resorts that have their own private beach, St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort was the perfect setting anyone can dream of.  The gazebo where Sharon & Jeff’s wedding ceremony was held perfectly framed the pool and ocean view.  The beautiful and warm sun created a perfect glow for these two as they gazed into each others eyes throughout the ceremony.  Surprisingly, Jeff had to take a few breathers when he was reciting his vows to Sharon.  We were all sure Jeff wouldn’t cry but when those words were coming out of his mouth, we’re pretty sure he couldn’t help it either!

Rule #2: Leave no stone unturned!

The location and timeline might be perfect but it gets tough when the details aren’t set.  Sharon and Jeff made sure every little detail was given it’s fullest of attention!  Nothing was left to chance and the amazing team at Serenity Events made sure Sharon’s dream wedding wasn’t a dream but a reality!  The flowers lining the ceremony, the glassware and silverware adorning the table at the reception, every little piece of jewelry, the exact location of the Photo Booth… Everything was given it’s full attention!

Rule #3: It ain’t over till it’s over!

Many think the day is over and it’s time to party once the ceremony is over.  Sharon and Jeff knew this wasn’t true.  St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort has, on hand, an amazing private beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean and it would be a shame to not take advantage of that!  Sharon & Jeff knew that being tired isn’t an excuse to miss out on an absolutely gorgeous photo and cinema session down at a private beach!  Of course, we’re not saying that the bride and grooms don’t deserve to enjoy the night but taking that hour during sunset at a private beach will open your eyes to new possibilities!  What other time would you have a chance for a photo and cinema session at a beach where it isn’t filled with people?  With the amazing sunset behind them, calm ocean breeze blowing through their hairs and soft sand under their feet, Sharon & Jeff had an unforgettable photo and cinema session that will be remembered for a lifetime!

Rule #4: Enjoy it!

We can tell that Sharon & Jeff enjoyed every single moment of their day.  Nothing goes exactly as planned, mother nature will absolutely throw a few surprises at you and months of preparation can tire you out but theres two ways you can react to it.  You can either fret about it and sulk or do what Sharon & Jeff did and just smile, laugh, breathe and let the ride take you to your end goal no matter how many detours it decides to take you on.  Of course, Sharon & Jeff’s wedding was ran very smoothly and everything was seamless but even the little bumps can look huge.  Just let everything go and just enjoy your special day!


Sharon & Jeff, we at Cloud 9 Cinematography wish nothing but the best for you guys!  Congrats!!!

Sharon & Jeff Ingredients

Cinematography : Cloud 9 Cinematography

Wedding Coordinator:  Caroline Cha & Stephanie Bai from Serenity Events
Photographer:  Sam Lim Studios
Makeup Artist:  Joyce Luck Style
DJ and/or Band:  Richard Wayne from Atmosphere DJ
Venue:  St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, CA

Music Licensed from:



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