MGM Partners

Jason Kim


The main man behind the camera. The principal of Cloud 9 Cinematography. Jason has made this company what it is today. He works extended hours every night to think of new ways to surprise our couples! Jason started his filming days at a very early age in South Korea and after graduating from a Film School in Korea he brought his expertise to the United States. He’s the one that trains each and every cinematographer until he knows they’re ready to shoot for our couples. A proud father of two (daughter and son) and a loving husband of Joys, he knows what our couples want and he won’t stop until he gets it!

Joy Kim


Joy is the woman who keeps Jason in check!  Behind every great man there’s a great woman.  Joy is the perfect example of that.  She makes sure everything in the office is running smoothly and makes sure no one is slacking off.  Before being married to Jason, she had no idea that the world of event filming can be so creative.  Now, she’s the one who brings a fresh pair of eyes to each and every film she watches before we release it to our couples.  Her title might be Co-Principal but everyone knows she’s the boss lady of Cloud 9.   The Co-Principal and a mother of  two beautiful kids (daughter and son).  You want to see super woman? Here she is!

Solomon Bahk